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Unlock the potential of struggling readers with our tailored Reading Intervention approach. Backed by evidence-based strategies, we provide individualized instruction to empower students in developing essential reading skills, including phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Our tutoring programs are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing us to work collaboratively with you and your students to accommodate unique needs and schedules.


Evidence Based

Our technology is intentionally designed for remote literacy instruction, incubated on a research project at the Nokia Research Lab with Sesame Workshop (the creators of Sesame Street) and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center.



Teacher-led tutoring yields the greatest impact on literacy outcomes. All Hoot tutors are qualified teachers holding a B.Ed (or higher), with extensive classroom experience.


Flexible & Simple

Hoot offers flexible and adaptable lesson schedules enabling access to Reading Intervention with qualified teachers in school, after school, or at home, with resources for schools and families to support engagement and enrollment.


Funding-Eligible Solution

Our evidence-based approach to targeted literacy intervention and commitment to providing equitable access to education make us an ideal candidate for federal and state-level funding, helping schools and districts further invest in the academic success of their students.


Assessment Informed

All Hoot lessons utilize an assessment-informed Structured Literacy approach, providing a data-driven, individualized lesson plan tailored to every student to improve their skill development, engagement, and attitude toward reading.

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Our proven online platform delivers Reading Intervention programs to students across North America, in schools and districts of all sizes. Our scalability is fuelled by a continent-wide network of qualified teachers, innovative technology, and an inclusive collection of 2,000+ diverse texts.

Our Impact

Ontario Impact Study



How districts across Ontario are using high-impact tutoring to identify and address achievement gaps in literacy.

School districts across Ontario partnered with Hoot Reading to assess and address the literacy needs of their K to 8 students through 1:1, evidence-based tutoring using structured literacy practices.

We assessed students and how districts implemented tutoring during and after school hours to maximize student engagement and academic success.

Impact Study Preview

Click here to download the report.

Our Teacher Network

All Tutors are Highly Qualified Teachers



All Hoot Reading teachers are highly qualified in early literacy instruction, each with extensive in classroom experience and a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. in Education. Every teacher is vetted through comprehensive background checks and mock tutoring sessions, and is continuously assessed though our extensive quality assurance program.

50% have 10+ Years of Classroom Experience

54% of Teachers on the Hoot Reading Network have more than 10 years of in classroom teaching experience.

1 in 3 Teachers Self-Identify as Non-White

Hoot Reading's Teacher Network identifies as being more diverse (compared to roughly 1 in 5) than the general population of teachers in the United States1. Hoot Reading values diversity through a child's learning journey and is committed to continually advancing diversity of our content and Teacher Network.

30% are Special Education or ESL Certified

30% of teachers on the Hoot Reading Network have Special Education, Dyslexia, or English as an Additional Language Certifications in addition to their Teaching or Education degrees.

Our Approach

Download Hoot Reading's Instructional Focus Chart to learn more about our approach to literacy.
The Science of Reading

Hoot's pedagogical approach supports reading instruction in the two key areas of reading development; word-level reading (decoding) and language comprehension, in accordance with the large body of research commonly known as the Science of Reading. 



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Comprehensive Assessments

The Hoot Reading Assessment follows a non-linear path unique to each student to assess various fundamental reading skills and deliver actionable, individualized instructional pathways. Assessment outcomes drive future literacy investments that are equitable, impactful, and cost-effective.


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Data Driven

Using analytics and performance metrics, educators can detect patterns, track progress, and make informed decisions regarding instructional methods. This evidence-based approach ensures targeted support, maximizing tutoring efficacy and fostering academic growth.


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Embracing Inclusivity & Diversity

Hoot Reading values diversity through a child's learning journey. Hoot's decodable and complex multi-genre texts prioritize diverse characters, storylines, and authors. Hoot is also committed to continually advancing the diversity of teachers in the Hoot Reading Network.


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