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At Hoot Reading, our mission is to change children's lives through literacy. We believe that literacy education is a fundamental right and every child deserves the chance to succeed. We're proud to share the transformative difference we're making in the lives of children through our evidence-based programs.

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Prioritizing EdEquity



We partner with districts, schools, and non-profit organizations to improve equitable access to qualified teachers and evidence-based tutoring solutions. Our technology allows us to reach children wherever they are - even in remote and historically excluded communities - so that all children can access high-impact tutoring.

Our content is diverse and evidence-based

Inclusive and Decodable Texts



Our app includes over 2,000 decodable and complex multi-genre texts that prioritize diverse characters, storylines, and authors. Hoot’s original decodable collection was developed to ensure that all communities are represented in evidence-based texts. Hoot also provides illustrated fiction and photographic non-fiction titles, ranging from pre-reading foundation to advanced literacy; Hi-Lo readers; Spanish; French; and Indigenous authored content.

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Evidence-Based, Transformational Impact



Hoot Reading is proud to partner with schools, districts, and organizations across North America sharing in our commitment to improve all children's reading skills and confidence. We prioritize meaningful progress and dosage data to help our partners make future literacy investments equitable, impactful, and cost-effective.

School districts across Ontario partnered with Hoot Reading to assess and address the literacy needs of their K to 8 students through 1:1, evidence-based tutoring using structured literacy practices. The impact was transformational.




students enrolled in Ontario


1:1 reading lessons

> 80%

engagement & attendance


Ontario schools served
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Our effectiveness is matched by our efficiency

Ensuring Sustainability



By combining the expertise of teachers with the flexibility of innovative technology, we scale 1:1 literacy instruction while reducing costs for our partners. Our solution consistently meets federal and other funding criteria, making it easier for districts and organizations to seek sustainable funding.

While metrics showcase our impact, they don't fully capture the transformation happening every day at Hoot Reading. We are changing lives, one child at a time, cultivating confident readers who are equipped for success in their academic journey and beyond.

Join us in our mission to change lives through literacy.

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