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Working from home has never been easier! Provide personalized 1:1 reading support for emerging readers. Help them make the critical shift from learning to read to loving to read.


Support young readers to build fluency and comprehension, to make them happy and confident readers.


Get paid for every lesson. Plus the opportunity to earn bonuses for timeliness & positive feedback.


No commuting necessary. All you need is reliable wifi, a computer or tablet, and a quiet place to host your lessons.

What parents are saying

A huge shout out to Hoot for being so kind and generous! I have worked for 3 different online teaching companies and this is by far my favorite. From the interview process to working with the technical team and all the employees, kids, and parents….it’s been incredible!

As a 25-year veteran teacher, reading specialist, and mom of a 14-year old, I love literacy education and finding innovative ways to bring daily reading to all children. Hoot is a gem of a program allowing just that! The smart technology and creativity make it an excellent way for teachers to impact children beyond their classroom walls.

Working at Hoot Reading is great! I really enjoyed working with my students, who are so bright and lovely. It’s been so rewarding to see my students improve and feel more confident about their reading. It’s a pleasure to be on board with an amazing company.

What We’re Looking For


We are looking for teachers across North America with a Bachelor Degree or Post Baccalaureate in Education and K-6 classroom teaching experience.

Passion for Literacy

We work with passionate educators who can demonstrate effective strategies to facilitate guided reading practices and have a commitment to help children become confident, proficient readers.

Reliable Technology

Our lessons take place on the Hoot Reading App so you’ll need a compatible device (computer, laptop, or tablet) with a built-in microphone and camera (or webcam), as well as stable and quick internet connection.

Common questions

What is Hoot?
Hoot Reading is an online literacy service that connects kids with experienced, hand selected teachers, to practice reading over video chat. We keep our lessons short and fun, making it easier for busy parents to make reading a consistent daily habit.
How is Hoot different from other learning services?
  1.  – We are online!
    1.  – All you need is wifi and an iPad to use Hoot. No commuting necessary
  2.  – We keep lessons short and focused
    1.  – We only require 20 minutes from your child, which is the ideal time to keep focus and read out loud
  3. – Our Teacher Network is made up of experienced teachers just like you would have in your child’s classroom
What do I need to become a Hoot Teacher?

All teachers must meet our standard qualifications and go through a selection process, which includes a Q&A session with one of our teacher specialists, a demo lesson on the Hoot App, and a background and abuse registry check.


– Education Degree such as a Bachelor of Education, Post Baccalaureate, or Masters of Education
– K – 6 classroom teaching experience
– Strong communication skills

How much do I get paid? How do I get paid?

We offer competitive pay based on your education and experience. We also offer the opportunity to increase your rate of pay for services based on feedback and successful completion of lessons. Teachers are paid monthly through direct deposit, or through our third party merchant account.

Do I work with the same students?

If parents request the same teacher, we do our best to schedule accordingly. We expect teachers to work with a variety of kids, at all different ages and reading levels.

What grades are the children in?
We market our services to parents with children from Pre-K to Gr.6. Children will range from struggling, to average, to gifted readers.
How do I set my schedule?

We ask for blocks of availability and schedule you for lessons within those blocks. Lessons are 20 minutes, but they also include an additional five minutes for you to document notes after each lesson.

How long does it take to become a Hoot Teacher?

The selection process can vary anywhere from one week to a month but we remain in contact throughout. If you would like to move through in a shorter timeframe, we recommend you book your Q&A session and demo lesson for the earliest date available. The process will depend on availability of session times and completion of our background and reference checks.

How do I get oriented to teaching on the Hoot app?

We offer an online orientation program on our process and our App that will help prepare you for teaching on the network.

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