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earn money on your

Working from home has never been easier! Provide personalized 1:1 reading support for emerging readers. Help them make the critical shift from learning to read to loving to read.


Support young readers to build fluency and comprehension, to make them happy and confident readers.


Get paid for every lesson. Plus the opportunity to earn bonuses for timeliness & positive feedback.


No commuting necessary. All you need is reliable wifi, an Apple iPad, and a quiet place to host your lessons.

Rishona & Izzie


“We’ve seen real improvements in our daughter’s reading and comprehension since starting with Hoot! She has had a number of teachers and likes them all. I love the convenience of reading anywhere. We have read in the car, in different cities, the lake, and all have been so easy.


D’Arcy & Shaan


“My seven-year-old son started with Hoot last summer and has absolutely excelled at his reading. The teachers are amazing and patient, as well as encouraging and engaging. I never once had to “coerce” my son to sit for his lessons…he looked forward to them each week.

Common questions

What is Hoot?
Hoot Reading is an online literacy service that connects kids with experienced, hand selected teachers, to practice reading over video chat. We keep our lessons short and fun, making it easier for busy parents to make reading a consistent daily habit.
How is Hoot different from other learning services?
  • We are online!
    • All you need is wifi and an iPad to use Hoot. No commuting neccesary.
  • We keep it short
    • We only require 20 minutes from your child, which is the ideal time to keep focus and read out loud.
  • Our instructors are experienced teachers
    • All of our instructors are hand selected and are teachers just like you would have in your child’s classroom.
What do I need to become a Hoot Teacher?
All teachers must meet our standard qualifications below and go through a four step selection process, which includes two interviews with our team and a background and abuse registry check.


– Bachelor degree in Education or equivalent
– Minimum one year classroom experience
– Strong communication skills

How much do I get paid? How do I get paid?

We offer competitive hourly wages based on your experience and communication skills. We also offer the opportunity to earn bonuses based on feedback and attendance. Our teachers get paid once a month through direct deposit, or our third party merchant account.

Do I work with the same students?
If parents request the same teacher, we do our best to schedule accordingly. We expect our teachers to work with a variety of kids, at all different ages and reading levels.
What grades are the children in?
We market our services to parents with children from Pre-K to Gr.6. Children will range from struggling, to average, to gifted readers.
How do I set my schedule?
We ask for blocks of availability and do our best to schedule in your lessons in one of those blocks. Lessons are 20 minutes, but we allow for an additional five minute buffer to complete the lesson and complete your quick feedback report after each lesson.
How long does it take to become a Hoot Teacher?
The selection process takes anywhere between one to two weeks depending on availability and completion of our background and reference checks.
How do I get trained?
We offer an online training program on our process and our App. It takes approximately two to four hours to complete.


  • Bachelor’s degree or in fourth year of an Education program
  • 1+ year classroom experience
  • English as a first language
  • Required license or certification: B.ED, Certified Teacher
  • Apple iPad 2 or higher & reliable wifi
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