Can Online Reading Tutoring close the Literacy Gap?
Evaluation of Hoot
At a moment in time when teachers, parents, policymakers and consumers are questioning how digital media might promote literacy instead of undermining it, this study set out to examine the efficacy of Hoot Reading, a virtual tutoring program designed to promote children’s literacy skills. Our goal was to better understand how a carefully targeted application, with an evidence-based instructional design could help to improve children’s skills and potentially close the gap, with a particular focus on low-income children.
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Dr. Susan B. Neuman
Susan B. Neuman is a specialist in early literacy development; whose research and teaching interests include early childhood policy, curriculum, and early reading instruction for children who live in poverty. In her role as the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, Neuman established the Early Reading First program, developed the Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Program, and was responsible for all activities in Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Act. She has written more than 100 articles and authored and edited eleven books.
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Kids who used Hoot Reading advanced their reading skills 152% more than kids who did not do Hoot Reading.
Susan B. Neuman, Professor of Childhood Education & Literacy Development, Steinhardt School, NYU
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