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Online reading practice with certified
teachers, from the comfort of your home.


Hoot Reading is much less expensive than most traditional tutors. Our service provides high quality intervention without breaking the bank.


One-on-one reading support with a teacher who has both an education degree and classroom experience.


Motivates readers with engaging, high quality content paired with friendly, dynamic teachers.


Lessons are only 20 minutes, easy to schedule, and accessible through an iPad anytime, anywhere.​

We’ve seen real improvements in our daughter’s reading and comprehension since starting with Hoot! She has had a number of teachers and likes them all. I love the convenience of reading anywhere. 


Izzie, Gr.3


What parents are saying

Shaan is excited about weekly lessons and is fully engaged the entire session. I never have to remind him, nor pressure him, to sit for his lessons. He is always eager and participates willingly from start to finish. 


Shaan, Gr.2


We have a program for every reader, at every level.

Find your fit today!

  • For kids in Gr. 1-4 wanting a little extra practice or added challenge.
  • Enhance your child’s reading & accelerate them to the next level.

  • For kids of all ages who are reluctant to read or having difficulties.
  • Proven to increase confidence & learning success.

  • For Pre-School aged children that show an interest in learning.
  • Jumpstart reading success & preparation to enter school.

Can Online Reading Tutoring Close The 4th Grade Reading Slump?

At a moment in time when teachers, parents, policymakers and consumers are questioning how digital media might promote literacy instead of undermining it, this study set out to examine the efficacy of Hoot Reading, a virtual tutoring program designed to promote children’s literacy skills.


How to Avoid Summer Learning Loss



Questions about how
Hoot works? Let’s talk.

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Your first lesson is always free to try. No credit cards or contracts required.

Call 1(833) 456-HOOT or visit the link below to book.

our app is research based

Our App was designed based on a research project at Sesame Workshop (the creators of Sesame Street).

our instructors are teachers


All of our instructors are certified teachers! The same that would be supporting your child in the classroom.

books designed for guided reading

Our library has over 600 levelled readers that help your child catch up, keep up, and accelerate their reading.

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