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Our Fall Term runs from Tuesday, September 8th to Sunday, December 20th.

We offer two programs:


  • Similar to swimming lessons, choose a set schedule either 2, 3 or 4x per week. 
  • Pre-scheduled lessons available Monday to Thursday and also weekends.
  • Pre-paid, billed every 4 weeks and booked in for the remainder of the season term.

  • Similar to a summer camp, choose the weeks that work for you.
  • Pre-scheduled, your child reads every weekday (Monday through Friday) at the same time each weekday.
  • Pre-paid, billed once per week and booked on a monthly basis.


Fixed – 2 lessons/week

$ 160 / month 
Fixed – 3 lessons/week $ 216 / month
Fixed – 4 lessons/week $ 280 / month
Weekly Boot Camp $ 100 / week


We ask that you continue to complete this form below to expedite the enrolment process and save your spot!


Our Customer Experience Team is happy to help and can be contacted at help@hootreading.com or call/text toll-free at 1.833.789.HOOT(4668).

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