It’s time for Part 3 in our Reading Activities series and this one is all about literacy games! If you missed them, you might want to catch up on Part 1 (about sight words) and Part 2 (about fiction and nonfiction reading activities).

As a reminder, here is a list of daily reading activities that we would recommend:

  • Work on sight words (10+ minutes)
  • Read 1+  fiction item daily (20+ minutes reading time)
  • Read 1+  nonfiction item daily (20+ minutes reading time)
  • Review any new vocabulary (10+ minutes)
  • Discuss the material (10-15 minutes per book)
  • Activity Time – have your child extend their learning by creating something related to what they’ve learned (30+ minutes per book)
  • Integrate more literacy games into your weekly family fun (15+ min, 2-3x per week)
  • Read aloud at bedtime! (20 minutes daily)

Literacy Games (15+ minutes; 2-3 times per week)

Wondrous Rainbow Words  

Wondrous Rainbow Words is a quick, educational game, designed to develop critical thinking and literacy skills, by facing strategic challenges using words. The game requires a bit of planning, a printer, scissors, and a few other supplies. 

Click here to view the full instructions and download the game pieces now!

I Am Going Game

For this game, you will need the alphabet printed on a piece of paper and your imagination. Let your child select a destination. The zoo, ocean, Mars, a castle, camping, etc. The sky isn’t the limit this time.

The first person says:

“I am going to (the zoo) and I am bringing __(word beginning with letter A)____”

The next person repeats the sentence and adds on an item beginning with letter B. 

The next person repeats all items and adds a word starting with C.

For example:

I am going camping and I am bringing an arrow.  

I am going camping and I am bringing an arrow and a bow.

I am going camping and I am bringing an arrow, a bow, and a caterpillar.

I am going camping and I am bringing an arrow, a bow, a caterpillar, and a dish.

Have the alphabet written down to help remind your child which letter comes next, and to help them recall the words already used. See how far you can get! If you want, start in the middle of the alphabet instead of at the beginning.

Tile Sight Words

Use Scrabble or Bananagram tiles to make as many sight words in two minutes as possible. Don’t have tiles? Make your own “tiles” by writing letters on small squares of paper, cardstock, or cardboard.


Another great way to add learning and structure to your school days at home is with Hoot Reading! If you haven’t already tried a Hoot lesson, your first one is always free to try. Click here to sign up for your free lesson.



About Elizabeth Hawkins Lincoln

Elizabeth is a former elementary school teacher who loves to make learning and fun collide. She earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Montana (Go Griz!) and her Master of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She taught Gr. 3 and 5, and when she left the classroom, she worked in educational software and online teacher professional development. Elizabeth spends her free time exploring art museums, riding bikes with her family, camping, writing stories, and traveling to new places.

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