If you want to work on reading at home, but are stuck for ideas, we’ve created an easy reading game that you can print out and play with your kids one evening or weekend! Rhyming Bingo provides a fun twist on standard sight word bingo that will stretch newer readers. Rhyming Bingo helps kids become more familiar with foundational sight words and their understanding of how the vowel teams and word families work together. The ability to identify and create rhymes is an important component of healthy phonological awareness. These two particular sets of Bingo Cards are for children in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, but keep checking back for future activities for older kids. 

How to Play

To play this rhyming bingo game with your reader, download either the Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten Rhyming Bingo game pack from the links below. Print out each of the word cards in the document (4 cards included) and call out a rhyming word from the list on the first page. The first word listed is the word found on the playing card; the words that follow it are example rhyming words to call out. When a player spots a rhyming word on their card, they place a token game piece over the word. You can use anything you have at home such as bottle caps, slips of paper, coins, or checkers. The first player to get four in a row wins!

We hope you’ll enjoy playing this reading game with your kids! Let us know in the comments if you try it out and how it worked for you!


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Sight Words:

These cards are based upon Pre-K Dolch words found at: https://sightwords.com/pdfs/word_lists/dolch_prek.pdf

Kindergarten Dolch words found at: https://sightwords.com/sight-words/dolch/#lists

About Elizabeth Hawkins Lincoln

Elizabeth is a former elementary school teacher who loves to make learning and fun collide. She earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Montana (Go Griz!) and her Master of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She taught Gr. 3 and 5, and when she left the classroom, she worked in educational software and online teacher professional development. Elizabeth spends her free time exploring art museums, riding bikes with her family, camping, writing stories, and traveling to new places.

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