Our program


Our program has three unique elements – our teachers, our technology and our educational programming that work together to create a personalized experience for your child.

our education

At Hoot Reading, we work one-on-one with every child and teacher to develop an individual learning plan that grows and develops with your child.

our lessons

At Hoot Reading, we offer guided reading session. Guided reading is an instructional approach where a teacher works directly with a student to make their way through a portion of a text.

The book is carefully selected to meet the child’s reading level, but hard enough that there will be teachable moments throughout. For our earliest readers, the text may simply be letters and short words, whereas our more advanced students may be working through a chapter book or a science text.

Combined with guided reading sessions will be personalized instruction and assessments, based on individual needs. The goal of these lessons is to help students learn to use reading strategies such as context clues, letter and sound knowledge, and syntax or word structure, and to eventually use these strategies on their own while becoming independent readers.

our books

Our carefully curated library offers more than 1000 high quality texts, from award-winning publishers. Our selection includes illustrated fiction and photographic non-fiction titles, ranging from pre-reading foundation to advanced literacy.

Our library is curated using the reputable Fountas & Pinnell system, where texts are carefully classified according to various parameters, such as word count, number of different words, number of high-frequency words, sentence length, sentence complexity, word repetitions, illustration support, etc. These are A-Z reading levels, likely the same ones used in your child’s classroom.

Included as part of our program, our books are always available to Hoot Reading students so that they can re-read them on their own or with a parent at home.

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