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If you’re looking to take your Hoot experience one step further, our Plus+ plans might be for you! Our teachers will provide detailed monthly reporting, allowing you to dive deeper into your child’s sessions and progress. Ensure your child is on the right track with added insights and guidance.




Curious if your child is on track? Want to know where they’re starting from so you can gauge their development? Get a thorough assessment that shows you not only where your child is at, but potential areas of growth that can easily be shared with their regular classroom teacher. 



What is Hoot?
Hoot Reading is an online tutoring service that connects kids with experienced, hand selected teachers, to practice reading over video chat. We keep our sessions short and fun, making it easier for busy parents to make reading a consistent daily habit.
How is Hoot different than other tutoring services?
  • We are online!
    • All you need is Wi-Fi and an iPad to use Hoot. No commuting neccesary.
  • We keep it short
    • We only require 20 minutes from your child, which is the ideal time to keep focus and read out loud.
  • Our tutors are experienced teachers
    • All of our tutors are hand selected and are teachers just like you would have in your child’s classroom.
How does Hoot work?
1. Sign up
2. Select your plan
3. Schedule your first session and ongoing time and day of week
4. Download our App.
5. Log into the App. five minutes before your first session
6. Your teacher will call you for every session
7. Have your session
9. Repeat 2 – 3 times a week
Why should my child read out loud every day?
Research shows that reading out loud with an adult who can correct in real-time builds fluency and comprehension. Many parents are suprised to learn that by Grade 4, 65% of children are reading below grade level. This is a critical time as schools make the shift from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. The most proven way to stay out of that 65% is through daily practice!
What reading level does my child need to be?
Children at all levels – struggling, average and advanced – should be practicing reading out loud to an adult at least five times a week. Hoot Reading has real teachers on the other side of the call to work with your child and challenge them, no matter what their level is.
My child is an advanced reader. Why do I need Hoot?
Even advanced readers need to build fluency and comprehension. Many children know how to read, but do they truly understand the context of the book they read? Literacy experts encourage reading out loud at all grades even up to high school.
Do I always get the same teacher?
If you request to have the same teacher, we will do our best to schedule you with them. The best way to get the same teacher is to have the same time each week that works with their open time spots.


Remember, all teachers will have the same process, but might have different strategies for your child. It is often great to switch things up once in a while and keep your child engaged.
What if we cannot make a session?
While we ask you to do your best to keep your schedule, we do understand that things come up. To reschedule your session, please contact our team at least 24 hours before your session.


Are there contracts? What if I want to cancel?
Our plans recur on a 30 day basis and are charged at the start of your monthly billing period. We do ask you to sign our Terms and Conditions when you sign up.


You can absolutely cancel at any time. We ask for 7 days notice. Please note, our Summer class passes are final sale and non-refundable.

How much does it cost?
We are currently offering two plans:
  • STARTER: Our two session per week package is $125/month + tax.
  • SUPER: Our three session per week package is $165/month + tax.
How do you select your teachers?
All of our teachers are hand selected by our team. We go through a four step application process in which we conduct two interviews and complete an up-to-date criminal record check and abuse registry check before we make final offers.
What background do your teachers have?
Teachers must meet our standard qualifications:
  • Bachelor degree in Education or equivalent
  • Minimum one year classroom experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for reading and working with young children

Rishona & Izzie



“We’ve seen real improvements in our daughter’s reading and comprehension since starting with Hoot! She has had a number of teachers and likes them all. I love the convenience of reading anywhere. We have read in the car, in different cities, the lake, and all have been so easy.”

D’Arcy & Shaan



“My seven-year-old son started with Hoot last summer and has absolutely excelled at his reading. The teachers are amazing and patient as well as encouraging and engaging. I never once have had to “coerce” my son to sit for his sessions…he looks forward to them each week.”

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what teachers say

“The interactive nature of the program is very engaging for kids, especially in our digital world! The platform offers a fun way to engage in home reading, to strengthen reading skills and to encourage a love for reading!”


—  Ms. Lindsay
“As a 25-year veteran teacher, reading specialist, and mom of a 14-year old, I love literacy education and finding innovative ways to bring daily reading to all children. Hoot is a gem of a program allowing just that! The smart technology and creativity make it an excellent way for teachers to impact children beyond their classroom walls.”


—  MS. DEB

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