Please watch this quick video to see a demo on how to download our App and make an outgoing call or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Getting started with hoot

To get started with Hoot Reading, you require an Apple iPad (generation 2 or higher). 

1) Download the App

  • Search for “Hoot Reading” on iTunes and download the App.

Direct Link:

2) Enable the Camera and Microphone

When you open the App, you will be asked to provide access to your camera and microphone. Please accept and enable.

Note – you can always access this under Settings > Hoot Reading App

3) Log Into Your Account

  • Open the App.
  • Tap “I Already Have an Account”.
  • Complete the “Grown Ups Only” parental gate.



  • Use the email address and password provided to you by our team.

  • Tap “Sign In”.

To sign out, tap the button with the “person icon” just below your left hand video screen.

  • Complete the “Grown-Ups Only” parental gate and tap “Log Out”.

4) How to Make a Call (Teacher Profile Only)

Accounts only with the Teacher profile can make outgoing calls.

  • Tap the box on the right side of the screen that says “Search For Student”.
  • Complete the “Grown-Ups Only” parental gate.
  • Search for your student via their email address.


  • Select the student you wish to call. Tap on their name.
  • Tap the green call button to the right of your video screen.
5) How to Accept a Call (Student Only)


  • When a teacher is trying to call you, you will see a pop up with their name and a red and green button. 
  • Press the green button to accept the call.
  • Only Teachers can make outgoing calls.
  • To end the call, press the hang up button to the side of your video screen.
6) Tips for a Successful Call


  • Ensure your device software is up to date.
  • Fully close down all other open Apps on your iPad. 
  • Use the fastest internet speed available or be close to the router when possible. Check for the maximum amount of wifi bars.
  • If possible, try and limit use of other streaming devices in the house when lessons are taking place. We know this might be hard with other family members at home, but it does help! 
  • If the audio echos, consider using headphones with a built in microphone.
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