Hoot Reading for All

Advance literacy for students in elementary schools

Improving equitable access to teachers


Remote reading lessons delivered by experienced classroom teachers


Average oral fluency improvement after 15 lessons


Average hours saved per classroom teacher

Experienced teachers

Tutors are experienced classroom teachers with a bachelors, masters, or PhD in education and are highly qualified in early literacy instruction.

Evidence-based instruction

Lessons support phonological awareness and phonics so all kids can become strong word readers. Children participating in Hoot Reading programs realize three times the reading gains.

One-to-one attention

Personalized lesson plans improve a student’s engagement, skill development, and attitude towards reading.

Curricula alignment

Programs complement curricula to save teachers time while deepening student impact.

Impact-driven assessments

Proprietary assessment shows what kids need, including word reading support through phonemic awareness.

Inclusive learning materials

2,000+ decodable and leveled readers that prioritize diverse characters, storylines, and authors.

Trusted by schools and districts across North America

hoot for schools mobile review

Dresden Area Central School (LKSDB)


“The encouragement the teachers showed. I also liked that they eased Grace into new reading levels with books she liked and asked what she wanted to read.”

Alta Loma School District

Director of Educational Programs

“One of our literacy specialists felt strongly that reading intervention couldn’t be done online. After seeing Hoot in action, she was delighted to admit she had been proven wrong.”

Jasper Elementary


“We saw amazing growth among our students - one of our students improved an entire grade level!”

Delivering and improving evidence-based reading tutoring at scale

Seamless implementation

Our turn-key process leads to successful adoption, improved student engagement, and consistent service you can count on.

Affordable capacity building

A cost-effective and scalable solution to address teacher capacity for districts of all sizes.

In-depth reporting

Data analysis helps districts make future programming and decision-making more cost-effective, equitable, and impactful.

Learn how we can help your district achieve its goals

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