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Safely support working parents juggling work and home responsibilities.


Working parents have always had to juggle their roles at the office and at home. With many homes and offices now merged, parents are experiencing unique challenges, including taking on new responsibilities, especially as it relates to their children’s care and education.  

Recent reports show that 26 percent of working parents with children under 10 are considering leaving the workforce and another 30 percent are considering downshifting their careers. Over the past year, working mothers in particular have been affected, with 4x as many women leaving the workforce than men in order to manage child-related responsibilities. Research confirms that children have fallen up to a year behind due to disruptive learning, leaving parents overwhelmed and desperate for educational resources that support learning recovery, to help their kids get back on track.

Hoot For Companies is an innovative solution that directly supports your working parent and caregiver population, through a relevant company benefit that working parents urgently need. Our program delivers effective, 1:1 tutoring lessons to your employees’ children, giving working parents the relief and support they need to be impactful, productive contributors to your organization.

What Our Partners Say


“At Accenture, our working parents told us that to be successful, both professionally and personally, they needed tutoring support for their children to supplement virtual schooling as they return to the classroom. Hoot For Companies is easy for families to access, helps working parents alleviate some of the stress of their many responsibilities, and most importantly, it gives children personalized attention with a certified teacher who can help them boost their skills in a fun and engaging way.”

Chris Klunk, Chief Human Resources Officer, Accenture North America

Hoot For Companies & Accenture

“Goodyer says the Hoot for Companies tutoring program — which Accenture launched in August 2021 in partnership with online education platform Hoot Reading — is also seeing continued interest from parents and kids alike. Since the program’s launch, more than 32,000 lessons have been delivered to 850 children, the equivalent of more than 15,000 teaching hours.”

why leading brands choose hoot

for companies

Make the #1 online tutoring platform that specializes in reading your newest employee benefit. 

brand loyalty

Go above and beyond traditional benefits and think outside the box. Show your parent employees you truly care for them and their families, and in return receive dedication and loyalty from them for years to come. 


The great resignation is having a huge impact on business and retaining your workforce is more important than ever before. Set your business apart with an investment in education for future generations, to attract and retain top talent. 

wellness & health

Stress is at an all-time high and burnout is impacting employees at rates not previously seen. Reduce stress and enhance overall mental wellness by supporting the academic success of your employees’ children. 

forward thinking

The pandemic has caused working parents, specifically mothers, to make the difficult decision to leave the workforce. Help support a better work-life balance and take some of the pressure and stress off your working parent population. 

employee engagement

Employees that feel appreciated and cared about are more likely to be engaged, productive, and to recommend their workplace to others. Provide caregivers with an innovative reward that addresses a real need and impacts job satisfaction. 

consumption based

Our model is completely consumption based, so you only pay for what is used. An affordable option for employers who want to offer a unique benefit to their workforce, without taking any risk.

What our parents say

“We adopted our daughter from foster care a couple years ago when she was eight-years-old. She has been at least a couple grade levels behind in reading for the past several years.

Just last week she was tested again and tested almost a year ahead of her reading level. This was in part due to the Hoot Reading program and daily work. Thank you for the program and dedication!”

“This program made a huge difference in helping our son catch up in reading. Having patient, capable teachers work with him gave me confidence and let me know I had one less thing “to do” on Hoot days. I love reading and do not relate well to my son’s learning differences and it meant a lot that my company was providing a service to help working parents like myself during such a chaotic time.”

“My four-and-a-half-year-old son has been out of school since March due to COVID. My older son taught himself to read when he was three, so I have NO experience with how to teach a child to read. I had anticipated just leaving it up to his Kindergarten teacher next year. Last night I read a book with my four-and-a-half-year-old and he was able to read half the words in the book independently. Hoot has been a game changer for our family.”

the hoot reading experience

  • By having 1:1 attention with hand-selected teachers who love to teach literacy (it’s why kids stay so engaged), parents see a huge difference in their child’s reading level at the end of the program.
  • Levelled books are carefully selected to meet each child’s interest and reading level, but challenging enough for teachable moments throughout each lesson.
  • Guided reading lessons include personalized instruction and assessments. The goal is to help students learn to use reading strategies like context cues, letter and sound knowledge, and syntax or word structure, and to eventually apply these strategies on their own, while becoming independent readers.

Kids who did hoot reading advanced reading skills 152% more than kids who did not do hoot reading.


Susan B. Neuman, Professor of Childhood Education & Literacy Development, Steinhardt School, NYU


Hoot Reading is a leader in online education, offering personalized lessons that can be completed on any device, from the comfort of home.

Certified & Experienced Classroom Teachers

All of our instructors are certified teachers, the same that you would find in a school classroom. They are trained in early guided reading strategies to help foster confidence in each child.

Private 1:1 Lessons

Student to teacher ratios are 1:1 and lessons and assessments are personalized for each child. Our teachers focus on specific goals each month to build success.

Award-Winning App Developed at Sesame Workshop

Our App was designed based on a research project at Sesame Workshop (the creators of Sesame Street). We recently received the 2021 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award, as well as receiving recognition on CTV, Global, The Globe and Mail and many more. 

Personalized, Interactive & Fun

We use the love of technology, combined with our engaging teachers, and diverse library, to each child’s advantage. Our method is proven to keep children engaged and focused on each lesson.

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