Give your child the gift of a lifelong love of reading.


Kindergarten through grade four are critical years in a child’s education. Hoot Enrich gives kids a boost in their reading skills, which are critical for academic performance. Our personalized program, with highly skilled teachers, is designed to enhance your child’s reading fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities, all while building vocabulary and confidence. 

Perfect for kids in K through grade 4 who are curious and need a challenge – our enrichment reading program will accelerate and broaden your child’s learning.

Kids who did hoot reading advanced reading skills 152% more than kids who did not do hoot reading.


Susan B. Neuman, Professor of Childhood Education & Literacy Development, Steinhardt School, NYU

what sets hoot reading apart?

Hoot Reading is a leader in online reading education. We offer personalized after-school lessons that can be completed from the comfort of home.

Our Teacher Network is Experienced

All of the teachers on our network are educated and experience teachers, the same that you would find in your child’s class. They are trained in early guided reading strategies to help foster confidence in your child.

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Personalized 1:1 Lessons

Student to teacher ratios are 1:1 and personalized for each child. Our teachers focus on specific reading goals each month to build reading success.

Designed For Guided Reading

We have over 1000 high quality texts that are child focused, teacher driven, and fun! Our library is built to confidently move readers to their next level of reading.

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Kids Stay Engaged

We use the love of technology to your child’s advantage. Our award-winning App is designed and proven to keep children engaged and focused on their lesson.

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Your first lesson is always free. No credit cards or contracts required.

Text us at 1(833) 456-HOOT or visit the link below to book.

“Shaan is excited about weekly lessons and is fully engaged the entire session. I never have to remind him, nor pressure him, to sit for his lessons. He is always eager and participates willingly from start to finish.

Shaan, Gr.2


Hoot Enrich is perfect for kids who need more practice or help with homework, a bigger challenge for advanced readers, or to prepare for tests or larger workloads.



Phonics and Decoding

Critical Thinking