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Accelerate your child’s reading over the summer with Hoot Reading Bootcamps

Most kids lose over 2 month of their hard-earned reading skills over the summer. Avoid these losses and regain skills that may have been lost during COVID. Plus, your child will establish a productive and healthy routine through daily reading practice.

Bootcamp themes

World Leaders

What does it take to be a leader? In this bootcamp, kids will learn about leaders around the world and the qualities that have helped them make a difference. Inspire your child to make the world a better place, starting right at home. For grades 3-6.

Resilient Me!

Social and emotional development is essential to school and life success. In this bootcamp, teachers will focus on topics like managing feelings, empathy and forming positive relationships. Levelled books cover resiliency, self awareness, growth mindset and facing challenges with a positive attitude.

Travel the World from Home

What would it be like to travel the world through books? This set of themed and levelled texts let children explore cities and places, cultures and traditions, sights and sounds, all in the comfort of their own home. Bon voyage!

Sports Stars

This bootcamp series is perfect for little sports fans! Your child will learn about different types of sports, athletes from around the world, what it takes to be a sports star and how to be a team player in an organized game! Sportsmanship, grit and practice are themes woven into this bootcamp.

Personalized Reading Topics

In this customized reading bootcamp, we'll create lessons with topics inspired by your child's interests. Whether they love dinosaurs, space, animals or cars, our library of over 1,000 levelled texts means there's something fun for everyone!

Math Booster

Just like basketball (and reading!), math is a skill that takes practice. In this bootcamp, your child will hone in on their math skills. Math bootcamps for children Pre-K to Gr. 3.

Hoot Reading Bootcamps:

We’re upping the summer reading fun with themed bootcamps! Lessons will focus on reading strategies like decoding, word work, fluency, comprehension, designed to help your child become an independent reader.

Your first lesson is free to try.
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